Boyz4us Foundation is a community of young boys who inspire each other to be grounded in strong spiritual values as they journeys themselves towards being responsible men with maturity and wisdom. It takes courage to speak about what the transition from being a boy to being a man is, in today’s world: to speak our personal truths, to witness each other being open, to speak authentically about our fears and deeper joys; all for the benefit of our boys.

Our boys experience healing, receive mentorship and grow in their leadership potential and self-awareness. Our mentors discover a passion for serving in this meaningful way, while supporting each other in their personal development. Our work powerfully resists the trends of mob-thinking such as bullying and violence well-known in teenage life.

Our Values




Healthy Relationship with God

Our Mission

To help raise boys to be good, responsible men with strong religious values that positively impact families, communities and society, through long-term support structures and mentorship programs.